Pierre de Hillerin, the present main promoter of the informational technologies and methods for the enhancement of human physical and mental skills, the author and intellectual proprietary of the CASINOR concept, first launched the informational prothetics concept and developed it as informational orthotics methods; launched the extended "HUman Performance" (HUP) concept. - read more -

Ilie Stupineanu, the first promoter of data and information processing applications for sports performance enhancement, essentially contributed to the understanding of the informational mechanism in the motric learning process. - read more -

Vladimir Schor, highly contributed to the development of the informational prothetics applications and methods for neuro-motric training and recovery, the author of several mechanic-electrical and data processing solutions for motion simulators. - read more -

Vlad Valeanu, the developer of the MOTRIX technology as support for the CASINOR methodological concept, also involved in other life protection and human welfare projects and applications using IT&C and Space Technologies; contributor to the foundation of the extended "HUman Performance" (HUP) concept; proposed the Information and System Theory foundation of the CASINOR and HUP concept. - read more -

Radu Dop, essentially contributed to the extension and definition of the "HUman Performance" (HUP) concept, as a whole vision of the human-being capabilities including physiological, neuro-motric, mental and welfare aspects. - read more -

Mihai Epuran, suggested to use the informational orthotics term in the frame of the CASINOR concept, as more adequate than the previously used, informational prothetics. - read more -

Paul Constantinescu, inspired the System Theory vision of the above contributor's in the foundation of CASINOR and HUP concepts. - read more -

CASINOR and HUP concept understanding and methodological implementation are due to the mix-disciplinary contribution of cooperators specialized in sports performance methodology, medicine, psychology, IT&C, mathematics, physics, biology and social sciences.
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